Chair  Brenda Jones  CLPChair@BCLP.uk
 Vice Chair — Membership  Vacant
 Vice Chair — 2nd  Tony Hemmingway  VC2@BCLP.uk
 Secretary  Philip Williams  Sec@BCLP.uk
 Treasurer  Chris jones  Treasurer@BCLP.uk
 Women’s Officer  Alice Free  WomensOfficer@BCLP.uk
 Campaign Coordinator  Louise Baldry  Campaigns@BCLP.UK
 Equality and Diversity Officer  Marianne Gibbs  Equality@BCLP.uk
 Political Education Officer  David Heywood  PoliticalEducation@BCLP.UK
 Trades Union Liaison  David Heywood  TULO@BCLP.uk
 Youth Officer  Vacant
 Fundraising Coordinator  Vacant
 Policy Officer  Julia Wheeler  Policy@BCLP.uk
 Comms and Social Media Officer  Vacant
 Bure Valley Branch Secretary  Campbell Jones BureSec@BCLP.UK
 Fakenham Branch Secretary  Vacant
 South Broadland Branch Secretary  Toby Jarman  SecSouth@BCLP.uk
 Wensum Valley Branch Secretary  Mo Steel  SecWensum@BCLP.uk
 Cooperative Party Delegate  Brenda Jones  coop@BCLP.uk
 2019 Conference delegate  Jane Wisbey  Conference19@BCLP.uk
 Local Election Agent  Julia Wheeler  LocalAgent@BCLP.uk
 Agent  Gareth Douce  Agent@BCLP.uk
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Journal Entry – Week 1 of Eric Kim’s “All the Worlds a Stage” Workshop.

Week 1 of Eric Kim’s Introduction to Street Photography free online Workshop

Eric Kim’s discussion of what is or is not street photography is interesting in the abstract  but I can’t help asking myself “so what?” Do we need a definition of street photography? Why? After all, he lists renown street photographers all of whom did not classify themselves as street photographers and some disliked / despised / hated the term: Garry Winogrand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Atget, Diane Arbus, William Klein, Bruce Davidson. Continue reading

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